About The Tournament

There are 13 qualifying tournaments across Canada. Top 5 teams in each qualifying event will receive an invite to the Final golf tournament in Whistler, British Columbia and get to play Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club on September 17th - 19th. 

Players will be responsible for their travel & accommodations.

The format is 2-man scramble, stroke play at 50% median handicap between two players (ex:If player one has a 4 handicap and player two has a 8 handicap there team handicap will be 3). All handicaps .5 or higher will be rounded up. Additionally all other rules will follow the USGA/ CPGA Rules of Golf. 

Qualifier Tournament Locations:


1. Toronto (GTA) (Devil's Pulpit Golf Club/ Monday July 5th) 

2. London (Firerock Golf Club/ Sunday June 6th)

3. Kitchener/ Waterloo (Whistle Bear Golf Club/ Tuesday June 22nd)

4. Kingston (Loyalist Golf & Country Club/ Friday June 4th) 

5. Ottawa (Canadian Golf & Country Club/ Friday June 25th)


East Coast:

1. Nova Scotia (Link of Brunello Golf Club/ Sunday July 16th) 

2. NewFoundLand (Clovelly Golf Club/ Friday July 9th)


1. Saskatoon (The Willows Golf Club/ Saturday July 24th)


1. Calgary (Bearspaw Golf Club/ Sunday August 8th)

2. Edmonton (The Ranch Golf Club/ Friday August 6th) 

British Columbia:

1. Vancouver (Northview Golf & Country Club/ Friday August 13th)

2. Vernon (Predator Ridge Golf Club/ Tuesday August 10th)


If your team makes it to the final tournament it will be September 17th - 19th in Whistler at Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club!!

Contact Information: 

Email: canadiantwoballscramble@gmail.com

Phone Number: 519-991-2000